The Art of Living

Project developed while working at EdLab. The design team was in charge of designing and implementing the exhibition for projects awarded by the 2018 Myers Fund Art Comission.

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Photo showing a scaled floor plan on a wooden surface, on top of a black plinth. They served as the visual tag to activate the augmented reality experience.

Photo showing text label for posters on the wall.

Photo of the upper part of the plinths. There is scaled a floor plan on a wooden surface on the top, a white text label on the front, and an iPad fixed on the side of the plinth.

Photo of a hallway with the exhibition. On the left wall, the title and text about the exhibition. On the center-left of the hall there are six plinths lined up until the end of the walls. And on the right wall there are posters.

On this exhibition, artist and creative technologist Ziv Schneider used augmented reality to reinact Teachers College's 1923 "Household Arts for Student from Other Lands" – the first home economics curriculum developed specifically for foreign students.

You can find more information about the project here.

Photo of the left wall, showing in more detail the wall text and the first plinths.

Photo of the right wall, showing an overview of the hanging posters.