Communication Design for ITP

Graphic pieces designed for the following ITP events:
ITP Winter Show 2015 · NIME 2016 · ITP Spring Show 2016

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NIME Show 2016

Poster for final presentation of 2016’s New Instrument for Musical Expression (known as NIME) class. The poster is in a vertical format, the background is grey and in the middle there is the word NIME written in a stylized, glitchy way.

ITP Spring Show 2016 – In collaboration with Juan José Egúsquiza.

Poster for ITP Spring Show of 2017. The poster is in horizontal format and the background is black. On the left there is a white text with information about the event and on the right there is a photo montage of the upper body of a male with wires and sensors placed on top on his face.

ITP Winter Show 2015

Photo of a framed poster for ITP Winter Show of 2015. The background of the poster is a photo in which there are two hands holding wires together, and a third one with a plier trying to cut them.