Gesture–Sensing Tektile

A knitted textile programmed to recognize touch-based gestures. Project developed through the Tek-Tiles project, in collaboration with Jingwen Zhu and Zee Cesare.

As seen in Queens College Art Center, NYC Media Lab, Futureworks NYC and BF+DA.

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Animated gif on loop showing a hand touch a fabric up and down. On the back there is a small screen showing an arrow pointing to the respective direction the fabric was being touched.

Photo of the knitted fabric. The fabric is blue and in the middle there are four grey squares knitted with conductive thread.

Animated gif on loop showing a hand touching the fabric clockwise and counter clockwise. On the left there is a small screen showing different animations according to the direction in which the fabric was being touched.

Gesture–Sensing Tektile from Renata Gaui on Vimeo.

Photo of the knitted fabric on the exhibition hanger. There is a hand on the bottom right of the fabric, and on the top right there is a tiny screen with an arrow pointing down. The exhibition hanger is made of wood and has the following text: Tel-Tiles Gesture-Sensing Programmable Swicht – Move your finger across the gird in a variety of patterns to activate different functions such as unlocking a door or answering your phone. Pratt BFDA.