Hysterical Wearable

Listening to the wearer’s conversation, this wearable device can recognize verbal microaggressions. It reacts to them by drapping up the ruffled fabric and revealing underneath it a biting denture toy.

Hysterical Wearable (reacts with a stranger) from Renata Gaui on Vimeo.

Microaggressions are the everyday slight insults, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate negative messages to target persons based solely upon their group membership. Referring to women as "girl" or "bitch”; using expressions such as “grow a pair” or “don’t be such a pussy” are recurrent language mannerisms that can be considered a verbal microaggression towards females. Is there a way that we can flip this pejorative speech and turn it into something that empower females? Can emerging technologies work as tools to create conversations about cultural mannerisms? With these in mind, I designed as my thesis project at ITP a wearable device that protests against misogynist linguistics habits.

Hysterical Wearable (reacts with someone you know) from Renata Gaui on Vimeo.