In the silence of my lonely room

Performance piece about disrupting the beautifying routine women are expected to perform daily through sound.

As seen in NIME 2016.

The act of “beautifying” oneself is historically associated with the core of femininity – and is itself a product of the male gaze. Is the beautifying ritual women go through on a daily basis an act of conformity or resilience? The performance subverts the delicate nature of these daily activities by distorting and defiguring sound through computer vision, analog synthesizers & audio digital manipulation. The base music , Night and Day performed by Frank Sinatra & written by King Crosby was an statement choice of working with compositions written by men that talk about women’s consistency or repetition (either eternal love or disciplined behavior), being this a perception of identity built by other people than women themselves.

In the silence of my lonely room from Renata Gaui on Vimeo.