Weatherproof jacket + abrasion resistant gloves to keep wheelchair users safe and protected during their city commute. In collaboration with April Coughlin, Maggie Mahoney & Kaitlin Crowther, through the Open Style Lab initiative.

As seen in Museum of Science Boston, Vogue and Huffington Post.

Photo with a detailed view of the glove. The hand wearing it is holding on the wheel of a wheelchair. The glove is knitted with yellow kevlar and grey cotton. the seams have a grey reflective fabric, and on the thumb there is a black leather reinforcement sewn on top of the knit.

Photo of April closing the jacket. The jacket is grey, the seams have a grey reflective fabric and the back part of the sleeves is made of black leather.

Revolve from Renata Gaui on Vimeo.

Photo of April trying a pattern prototype of the jacket. She is flexing her right elbow and there is a hand touching her elbow.