Immersive experience using AR, storytelling & physical computing to reveal the power of one of the most misterious living creatures. In collaboration with Michelle Hessel.

As seen in Swipe Fright, as talked on FashNerd.

Animated gif on loop showing a fabric being untied from someone’s wrist, revealing a spider web tattoo.

Animated gif on loop showing a person who has a spider web tattoo on the wrist  putting her arm inside a box. On top of this box, there is a screen in which you can see 3D spiders appearing on the top of the tattoo.

SpidAR – full experience video from Renata Gaui on Vimeo.

Through a charade like revelation, users are invited to active an installation with a temporary tattoo in ode to one of the most mysterious living thing on earth.

Photo of the installation’s setup. The room is illuminated by a red light, there are small candles spread on the floor. The two artists are sitting in front of an empty chair, and between them there is a table covered with a cloth.