Toilette dos Prazeres

The installation consists of a powder room(toilette) in which the audience is invited to perform female identities through the act of putting make up on.

As seen in New Latin Wave 2017

Toilette dos Prazeres from Renata Gaui on Vimeo.

Using a two way mirror, a camera behind the powder room is connected to a computer that is using computer vision to identify what eyeshadow color is being put on, triggering different humming sounds and changing the volume proportionally to the amount of makeup that is being put on.

The name of the installation is inspired by Lygia Pape’s Roda dos Prazeres, as it invites the audience to be part of a synesthetic experience. The humming sounds were inspired in the following songs: A Menina Dança – Novos Baianos; A Mulher do Fim do Mundo – Elza Soares; Como Nossos Pais – Elis Regina; Luciana – Elizabeth Cardoso; O Marquinho – Nara Leão; Vapor Barato – Gal Costa.