Weaving to Code, Coding to Weave

The goal of this workshop is to demystify weaving and coding, showing their similarities in how they work that are not often exposed.

The workshop was designed and facilitated with Francesca Rodriguez Sawaya.

As seen in Pioneer Works' Fact Craft and Currents New Media 2018


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Photo of a box full with different color yarns. On the left there are small wooden weaving frame looms.

Photo of one of the attendees coding on their computer. They are programming a drawn pattern they designed, which is by their right side.

Photo of the weaving frame looms. They are made out of wood, stacked up and rotated. Other weaving tools are placed inside the frame looms stack.

Photo of an attendee weaving a pattern. The pattern was programmed and is visible on the screen of the computer on the left of the picture. On the table you can also see a paper with the original drawn pattern and blue and yellow yarn balls.

Through the history of the craft and its practice, the workshop braided the relationship between both, showing how it led to the invention of the first computers and programming logic. Attendees were instigated to learn creative coding through javascript and weave pieces digitally.

Photo of two computers showing the p5.js website.

Photo of an attendee weaving a pattern. On the top left you can see a glimpse of the computer’s screen, with the coded pattern.