A Weaving Workshop

The attendees were instigated to meditate over the females in their lives while learning how to weave. By the end of the workshop, they were invited to send their homage weaved piece to the women they drawn inspiration from.

Workshop designed and facilitated in collaboration with Francesca Rodriguez Sawaya.

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Photo of a weaved piece ready to be mailed. There is a tag on the top of it with a handwritten message in lithuanian and bellow it, a white envelope.

Photo of one participants weaving on a small frame loom.

A Weaving Workshop from Francesca Rodriguez Sawaya on Vimeo.

Weaving is historically connected to female empowerment. This craft is all about telling individual and collective narratives through textiles. Through this perspective, the craft becomes a medium of self-affirming and confidence building – qualities we find in empowered women, women that we aspire to be one day. In the spirit of Women’s month, we proposed this workshop as an opportunity to invite people to celebrate the strong females in their lives by learning the ancient technique of weaving.