Nature inside a metal recipient

Surrounded by so many man made things, the only real organic material that we can find inside a building is water. The sound of water running is part of the nature soundcape. Alone it has its own power, but when put together with other nature sounds – it’s all about our closest connection to life.

This project was developed during an exchange programme at Parsons The New School for Design and the intention of making an audio installation on a drinking fountain was to remind people that even though we are at school, we do have some parks quite close from where we are (Washington Square, Union Square, Hudson River Park, East River Park, etc.) People spend a short time on a drinking fountain and probably don’t pay a lot of attention to it. So the activation happens when someone goes to drink/fill their bottles with water. While they are filling up their bottle or just drinking water, a recorded soundscape of Washington Square would play through speakers.

The Piezo Sensor was connected to an Arduino board, which was connected to speakers, all hidden underneath some plants, positioned on the upper left corner of the metal recipient in which the drinking fountain is. When the piezo detect any vibration on the metal surface (vibration made because of the water pouring), it will start playing the recorded soundscape.

nature inside a metal recipient_01

This project has been develop on an experimental level, but I’m still working on the sound and the piezo sensors. To put in practice, I had to change some of the functions such as: the piezo was placed over the button, so its pression was dectected (instead of vibration) and the audio file had to be reduced and compressed to a low quality version.

nature inside a metal recipient_03 copy