This is not what it looks like

“This is not what it looks like” was inspired by the poem “Teresa”, from Brazilian poet Manuel Bandeira. The poem is an advice from the poet to Teresa, who is apparently a woman easily fooled by men. The poet tells her not to believe in any of the things that any man may do just to demonstrate his love, telling her that every demonstration is just acting and is not real.

Based on the poem, I decided to talk about illusions: the idea of things transforming or appearing in unexpected ways, like in magic tricks. I decided to materialize this idea through stop motion technique, taking the fact that it I can express unexpected transformation more clearly. Things change by positioning the matter in a different manner – and in this case, the matter consists in necklace beads. Even necklace beads are something that were supposed to look like real gems, and sometimes, depending on the necklace beads.

renatagaui_this is not what it looks like_2

The animation intends to show not only how things might be what they don’t appear to be, but also how illusions can lead to misunderstanding. After experimenting transformations with the material, I tried to work with the beads movement to illustrate some of the actions described in the poem, showing that there’s always a turning tables point.