Each of your quarters

Animation made for Independent Study class at Parsons The New School for Design and oriented by Anezka Sebek.

Since 2010 I’ve been doing all sorts of animations (classic, motion graphics, stop motion, 3D, etc), but I never really had the opportunity of applying motion and emotion on characters. My main objective was to get back to classical animation and relearn those principles through frame by frame animation. Since I have a background in experimental animation, I decided to combine both of them, applying drawing animation principles to stop motion.

The animation is about a piggybank going after a coin and my objective was to focus on expressing character’s emotions through movement and when applied, facial expression. Here’s the storyboard:


There was also an facial expression study, that led to seven emotions for the piggybank:


During pre-production, there were a lot of movement studies. One of my biggest difficulty was to make the coin to jump. As soon as I started doing some movement test, I decided it was time to start recording.

At the same time, I was taking Cinematography & Lightning class. I decided I wanted to implement all that I was learning over there on my animation. I used a soft light box above the table, two directional lights and a reflector, designing the lighting according to the mood of each scene.