Os Três Netos

It was given to me the responsibility of designing the entrance and the end credits for the short film “Os Três Netos”. With the announcement of a pregnancy, the story is about the possible relationships between a grandfather and his grandchild. Through the movie, some objects represent how the grandfather character is always present, in any of the circumstances. One of them are letters, the greatest souvenir of a certain moment.

Inspired on the movie’s storyline, I decided to make the credits inspired on my grandfather’s handwriting. The biggest inspiration came from a version of the 1957 Accounting French Plan my grandfather translated.

IMG_1841 copy

IMG_1837 copy

I categorized his typography and decided to combine cursive handwritting with a more san-serif type. With this, I was able to develop a grid that fit both typographies and that I used to practice writing each word.




The final result had the inside cover of the book and its faded ruled paper as a background.