In the silence of my lonely room

In the silence of my lonely room is a performance piece about disrupting the beautifying routine women are expected to perform daily through sound.The act of “beautifying” oneself by dressing up and putting on makeup & jewelry is historically associated with the core of femininity – and is itself a product of the male gaze. Is the beautifying ritual women go through on a daily basis an act of conformity or resilience? The performance subverts the delicate nature of these daily activities by distorting and defiguring sound through computer vision, analog synthesizers & audio digital manipulation. The base music , Night and Day performed by Frank Sinatra & written by King Crosby was an statement choice of working with compositions written by men that talk about women’s consistency or repetition (either eternal love or disciplined behavior), being this a perception of identity built by other people than women themselves.

Performance piece made for New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) class at ITP / NYU.

In an attempt to creatively explore those routine actions as “wearables” sound makers/triggers, I used computer vision to detect the percentage of lipstick on my lips and to raise the volume of the sound with it; the necklace is a simple 555C timer analog synthesizer that adds noise to Frank Sinatra’s version of Night and Day; I cut and sample the music as I put my earrings; and in the end of the performance, I use stockings with wearable technology embedded to control the speed of the sample until the sound is an unrecognizable broken machine like repetition.