Project made during Foundations course at EAV Parque Lage. This little zine project is a reflection over the idea praised by the 50/60s US propaganda industry through time. The goal of this project is to show the decay of this approach by combining advertising campaigns that visually translated the “american way of […]


Os Três Netos

It was given to me the responsibility of designing the entrance and the end credits for the short film “Os Três Netos”. With the announcement of a pregnancy, the story is about the possible relationships between a grandfather and his grandchild. Through the movie, some […]


zë – sinesthetic paths

This project started as an investigation between content, matter and medium on art pieces, focusing on how these choices can shape the aesthetic experience of viewers. To further understand the relation, I decided to develop this project through a collaborative process. A series of interviews were […]

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Each of your quarters

Animation made for Independent Study class at Parsons The New School for Design and oriented by Anezka Sebek. Since 2010 I’ve been doing all sorts of animations (classic, motion graphics, stop motion, 3D, etc), but I never really had the opportunity of applying motion and […]

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  Project developed during “Illustration in Motion” class, taken at Parsons The New School for Design and oriented by professor and illustrator Veronica Lawlor. Discovery is a piece about transformation through static frames that represent movements, an animatic is about self-discovery. For this project, one […]

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Nature inside a metal recipient

Surrounded by so many man made things, the only real organic material that we can find inside a building is water. The sound of water running is part of the nature soundcape. Alone it has its own power, but when put together with other nature sounds – it’s […]

renatagaui_this is not what it looks like

This is not what it looks like

“This is not what it looks like” was inspired by the poem “Teresa”, from Brazilian poet Manuel Bandeira. The poem is an advice from the poet to Teresa, who is apparently a woman easily fooled by men. The poet tells her not to believe in any of the things that […]


Drive Thru

Drive Thru is a documentary about Creuza, a middle-aged female taxidriver based in Rio de Janeiro.